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The young guy fucked his mom.

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Descricao: My hand began to move higher and higher until my fingers rested on my brother's pubis. He started. Feeling the whole standing member of Cyril, I wrapped my fingers around him and slowly began to pull the skin down. He muttered. - Nicely? I asked. The guy nodded. Exposing the head, I began to feel it with my fingertips, she was in droplets of sperm. My palm slid down, stroking the barrel, and grabbed the testicles. The smooth scrotum began to succumb to my caresses, I again grabbed the tense one and began to quickly jerk it off. As soon as I pulled the skin again, the male groaned loudly. I felt how my fingers were flooded with trickles of sticky liquid. Putting my hand out from under the blanket, I began to pull off my panties, seeing the excited face of the guy. Wiggling my bare ass in front of him, I slowly began to sit on his face, feeling his protruding tongue with my kitty. Familiar warmth, roughness. The guy began to convulsively run his tongue along my wet crotch, slurping his lips and holding on to my hips. I began to moan loudly, rubbing my crotch against my brother's face, touching his nose and chin. From strong pleasure, I could hardly hold on to the sofa, my brother diligently licked my crotch. In less than five minutes, as I, bending and pulling my ass, finished, falling next to the faekr on the sofa. - My smart guy. Lizun, - I chuckled, kissing my brother on the lips.
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