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AV Idol Misuzu Takamine gives our interviewer a nice fuck | JapanHDV

Duracao: 0:53 Pre-vizualizacoes: 4 314 Adicionado: ha 3 anos Usuario:
Descricao: We are back in the next scene with the AV Idol Misuzu Takamine. Our interviewer has asked her enough questions about her life and her sexual experience that he wants to see for himself how good she is in bed. He takes her to the next room that has a bed so he can be more comfortable when he gives her an inner view. He is more than anxious to see her at work as she has told him all about her sexual feelings and how she gets herself off at home when she is alone. She has a petite figure that is very lecherous and she has a sweet japan pussy that she has shown him spread wide open with her fingers buried deep inside sliding in and out masturbating for him. All that watching her get off and smelling her sweet pussy was too much for him and he wanted to get her naked and in bed as fast as he could to slide his cock inside that tight pink pussy. He takes time with her though and focuses on taking off her clothes and enjoying her tits and sucking on and playing with her nipples getting her in the mood and getting that pretty pussy wet and ready. Misuzu takes his dick into her mouth and sucks him getting him hard and ready to enter her pussy. She mounts him and rubs his cock all over her pussy getting him harder and her pussy ready for him to slide it deep inside her. She rides cowgirl and then turns around from some reverse cowgirl as she slides up and down on his cock. He then wants to fuck her from behind so he gets up and mounts her from behind sliding his dick deeper into her pussy. He wants to try fucking her laying down behind her with her legs up and then he wants her to spread open her pussy missionary style so he can release all his cum inside her.
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